The last few posts have been general personal information.  While Kiya is still doing very good, I wanted to take a moment to highlight Biggs Production’s first large scale job.  Thanks to Beau Fodor, our little crew had the opportunity to film at Bras for the Cause and capture their yearly Gala event.  This was a huge opportunity for us.  While we had never done a project on this scale before, we where able to adapt to changing conditions and seamlessly operate in the background of the event.  I’m happy to say that our team captured some amazing video and audio, to include over 15 sit-down interviews, interviews on the move, and B roll footage, without disrupting the event in any way.

Due to school and Army Drill, Its taken me a while to finish editing this project, but today I’ve finally put the last touch on it.  As soon as I get approval for the third song’s use, and an OK from Beau, this project will be complete.