Why chose between a tablet and a cellphone when you can have both?

Introducing the Veridroid©!  Don’t waste money on two devices that run on the same operating system, and often have nearly the same specifications.  You want a pocket sized phone that can take advantage of everything the Android operating system has to offer, but sometimes you want a bigger screen for viewing websites, movies or working away from the office.  The Veridroid has you covered.  Its patent pending design uses a flexible AMOLED screen that lets you fold it in half to turn it into a smartphone.  When you want more screen space, simply unfold it and lock the hinges for a solid touch surface.

But the Veridroid doesn’t stop there.  It includes 4 identical 5.8 Megapixel cameras!  Together they allow you to film in 3D.  When in Phone mode, one side functions as the ‘back facing camera’ and the other set works as a front facing set.  The side facing you records HD video, and the back side captures full HD 3D.  Veridroid also sports 4 microphones making it the first smartphone able to capture full surround sound.  The microphone array can also be used to cancel unwanted background noise, or focus your audio recording .

But why so much redundancy you ask?  Its actually the result of Veridroid’s modular design.  Both sides of the unit are identical.  They each have cameras, microphones, speakers and sensors.  The also each house a 1.4GHz processor.  If you manage to break your phone, simply replace the broken side, or swap out for a new snap-in flexible screen!  No need to buy a whole new phone.  You also benefit from two independent processors.  Unlike multi-core units that share the same footprint, this design allows each processor to operate at over 1 GHz at the same time.  Essentially, you get the power of a 2.8GHz duel core processor with the advantage of double the footprint size!

  • Duel 3D or Quad 2D 5.8 Megapixel Cameras
  • Quad array microphones for surround sound recording or focused audio capture
  • 4 speakers to project powerful lifelike sound anywhere
  • Modular design that saves you money and grief if the phone is damaged
  • Book like folding design instantly gives you double the screen space
  • Flip the phone inside out to protect the screen during transport
  • Duel batteries offer up to 14 hours of talk and general use, or 8 hours of HD video playback
  • Redundant cellular modem insures maximum signal quality at all times
  • High Resolution HD+ screen offers more pixels for your viewing pleasure

©2011, Biggsproductions. All rights reserved.   Veridroid is a concept design.