3D Animation and Modeling

Our 3D modeling skillset has developed in order to support our other services.  We primarily use 3D Studio Max to model for visual effects, CGI animation and to support our graphic design needs.  While we can create custom models specifically for clients, most of the time our 3D model files remain internal.

2010 Demo Real

Often, 3D modeling can be used to create concepts and mockups of products or locations that do not yet exist.  This is a quick and inexpensive way to prototype ideas and determine public appeal.  It can also be an essential aid to demonstrating a product or location to a client in order to secure funding or support.  3D models are photo-real representations of objects that may not yet exist.  They can be created from scratch based on a description, or modeled off of existing plans.  Even if you have nothing more than sketches on a napkin, we can turn it into a viable 3D object, and produce photo-real renders at any resolution.

As an additional service, we are able to provide surface level incite as to the ergonomics and function of the device.  In the example below, we were able to determine how large the hinges would need to be in order to allow the device to fold closed.

Sometimes you don’t need a model of a new product.  If you are developing an accessory for the Apple iPad, we can apply your design to a 3D model in order to help visualize how the final product will look when attached.

A 3D rendering of the iPad 2

Don’t forget that anything we can render into a picture can also be produced as a video clip.  Join this with our videography expertise, and we can create a whole commercial for a product that doesn’t yet physically exist.