Our primary goal for every photo shoot is to produce the highest quality images possible.  Our photos are taken in RAW format before being processed to bring out as much color and detail as possible, resulting in spectacular looking images.  Each photo is hand edited at no additional cost to remove unnecessary obstructions such as signs or fire hydrants, and tweaked to maximize impact.  We reveal the lush green in grass and the bold gradient in blue, as well as bringing out the rich colors of interior spaces, all without creating that over-saturated neon look.

Your photos belong to you.  We will compress and re-size your photos for the web, but you will also be provided with a full resolution JPG without any branding.  Use it wherever you’d like!  Once our work is finished and delivered, it is then copyrighted to you or your company.


We understand that when our people are on site, we are often representing you.  Those who work with us know that our photographers don’t rush through their clients home, we take our time and ensure your clients get as much attention as they need, just as you do.

Turn-around Time

Typically, you can expect to have photos available to you the same day as the shoot.  We guarantee 48 hours turnaround time, though most projects are delivered in 24 hours.

Delivery and Backups

Your photographs will be provided to you via DropBox, an online cloud service.  Up to 5 GB (thousands of photos) can be accessed at a time for free.  If you have more than 5GB of content but don’t wish to pay for a DropBox account, we keep all of your content on file for alternate delivery should you lose your copy.