Video for Real Estate

BP specializes in video for real estate and rental properties.  We will take a video walk through of your property or rental unit and edit it together in order to highlight desirable features.  This walk through helps give your potential clients the opportunity to experience walking through the actual space.  Unlike photos, viewers can get a feel for the layout of a home or rental unit as though they were being given a guided tour.

We will deliver your finished video via DropBox, a free cloud service, or we can upload it to YouTube for you and help you imbed or distribute it online.  There is no need to be computer savvy!



Below you will find a YouTube playlist of our past works:

Visual Effects

Top quality visual effects don’t have to cost a fortune.  Sometimes you need a planet added to the sky, or a set extension.  Sometimes you need green screen work, or a simple color grading pass. Finally, beliveable visual effects can fit any project’s budget.