Basic shoots are best for:

  • Listings that do not photograph well due to the condition of the home. Why pay a premium when you simply need good solid photos?
  • Rental units that may not have been cleaned
  • Listings that lack a larger marketing budget

Advanced shoots are best for:

  • Most single-family homes which will be properly prepared for photography
  • Listings which will benefit from greater marketing efforts
  • Times when speed of delivery is key (Most shoots are edited and delivered same-day!)

Premium shoots are best for:

  • Houses over 3,000 square feet
  • Listings that demand the highest quality photos. Our photographers are able to spend more time composing beautiful pictures.
  • Milestone listings that may be useful for marketing your services in the future

Full photoshoot of all major rooms*

For each shoot, our goal is to provide general coverage. This means we will not photograph things like small closets or garage interiors unless specifically requested. We know that the MLS has photo limits and that you’ll likely drop such photos in place of more important ones. We also know that most homeowners use their garages for storage when decluttering their homes for showings and photos.

General coverage typically means two photos of bedrooms, two or three photos for kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms, and a single photo for smaller bathrooms.

No flash, high dynamic range photos**

Typically, we use a flash to help brighten interior photos and lower the contrast of the scene when photographing rooms with windows. This is fast, efficient and very common in the world of real estate photography. But for larger homes, the falloff of the light from the camera flash starts to become more apparent.

Because of this, we offer HDR photography, which gives you the best interior and exterior exposure in the same shot. But our HDR isn’t the unnatural exaggerated kind you might be imagining.

Traditional HDR

Unrealistic scene

Blown out highlights

Oversharpened looking edges

Distracting appearance

Our Method

See the view outside as well as inside

Appears closer to reality

Maintains a clean look


Windows blow out

Dark and depressing

Looks unprofessional

Digital Lawn Rendering***

For homebuilders and the agents who work with them, lawns can be a major problem. Often times, sod is one of the final steps of a build. We will digitally add a vibrant lush lawn to your exterior photo! Our digital lawns blend perfectly into your photo.

Other Photographers

Poor edge masking

No attempt to scale grass to fit the scene


Our Digital Lawn

Realistic shading

Grass hangs over driveway creating a believable edge

Lawn texture photographed to match the angle and scale

Original Image

Not accurate to a completed home

Looks incomplete

Distracts from the home’s design

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