Skyrim: Warring States


This page is intended for a Mod or TC of the commercial Action RPG known as The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.  The mod is a non-commercial project consisting of materials produced  by individuals on a voluntary basis.  In order to play, you must own a copy of Skyrim for the PC.

Note: This mods beta can currently be found on SteamWorks under the name Skyrim: Warring States.  As noted in the description there, it is a VERY early beta.

Skyrim: Warring States

SWS is a vast modification set in a lore inspired by the Warring States period of Japanese history.  While many of the concepts are inspired  by history, this mod is also heavily influenced by Japanese Pop Culture, and how it has portrayed this time in history.  In order to better fit the Elder Scrolls universe, this mod will include fantastical elements such as magic, deamons and other RPG staples.

Because so much of Japanese pop culture is made up of Anime and Manga, it is unavoidable that many concepts will be carried over.


SWS will have it’s own lore written specifically for it.  Look here for more documentation later.  If you are interested in writing for SWS, please contact me!  Writing also includes creating dialog!


  • A robust party system that allows the player to bring along companions
  • A rich new world filled with historic Japanese-inspired content
  • Fully voice acted dialogs and events
  • All new weapons, armor, locations and foes
  • Extensive quests and several main adventures
  • Content necessary to re-create many staples of Japanese pop culture

The Team

Currently the team for SWS consists of one modder and a few voice actors.  Contact me today to help out.



Here you will find a little bit of media, but our ModDB page is the place to go for the most up to date content.

The first weapon in game:  The Tetsigua